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BFV Gym terms and conditions


BFV/Ozone maintains and enforces Membership Rules to make sure that using our gyms is as safe and enjoyable an experience as we can make it for all of our Members.


We may amend these rules from time to time.


We reserve the right to terminate your Membership immediately if you do not abide by these Membership Rules. We hope that you understand.


As a Member of BFV Ozone Fitness Centre and Boxing Gym you agree that you will:


Clean equipment with the sanitiser spray and paper towels provided when you have finished using it.


Replace equipment back onto the racks after you have finished with it and after you have cleaned it.


Use the cleaning products, including hand sanitiser as provided.


If you are unwell, symptomatic or have tested positive for coronavirus, do not attend the gym. You must follow government regulation on isolating for a minimum period of time, and only return after this minimum period if you are feeling well again.


Use your unlock code and sign into the gym via the tablet at the entrance every time you enter the gym.


Keep your door lock code details a secret and not share them with, or allow it to become known by anyone else, this code will be changed at certain intervals and you will be notified when it does.


Not open the gym door to let people in who do not have a day pass or membership, CCTV is used in our gym and will be monitered.


If you need an induction, please scan the QR code on the machine with your phone to learn how to use it. If you need further help then please contact us.


Strongly consider asking for and induction if you are a first-time gym user, or scan the machine if you feel this is enough.


Not take bags onto the gym floor.


Not take photographs or videos on the premises or post remarks or imagery to the internet that could identify another Member or a Member of Staff.


Not drop or throw weights down on the floor anywhere in the gym.


Not leave your belongings in a locker when you are not on the premises (we regularly remove items left in lockers by clipping the padlock and donate it to charity).


Use a locker to store your belongings when you are exercising. Use of a padlock is strongly advised.


Wear suitable clothing and footwear when exercising (denim, bare feet, flip-flops, boots or a bare torso are amongst the range of clothing choices that is unsuitable).


Use the gym facilities and equipment in a proper manner and not in a way that might cause harm to yourself or others (just ask a member of staff if you are unsure).


Not engage in any exercise activity that may be potentially harmful to you or others.


Not use, block or interfere with fire, emergency or disabled access doors or alarms (except in a genuine emergency).


Do not tamper with fire extinguishers.


Not behave in an aggressive, abusive, intimidating, anti-social or threatening manner or in a way that might cause distress to staff or Members.


Not discriminate, harass, or engage in unwanted physical or verbal contact with another member or member of staff.


Keep your face as visible as possible when using the entrance pods (face coverings are acceptable as per the government guidelines for Covid-19) and on the gym floor (for example not wearing a helmet, baseball cap or hoody).


Not conduct any Personal Training business with other Members.


Use any parking facilities provided in accordance with the rules that the parking provider posts and may change from time to time (if you get a parking ticket we are not liable).


Not park your bicycle in an unsafe or in an inappropriate location. Where possible use the bike racks provided.


Put your litter in the correct bin, let’s recycle where possible.


Not use the gym whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or make use of any other medical substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely on our premises. The Gym reserves the right to remove you from the premises if it reasonably believes you are unfit to use the facilities.


Not engage in any type of criminal behaviour whilst on our premises.


Not sleep in our premises.


Not cause damage to the premises, our or another Member's property.


Not misuse the vending machines.


Not force entry to locked doors.


Not eat on the gym floor.


Leave the premises before closing time (where the gym does not operate 24/7).

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